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Requisition Number 17-0121
Post Date 8/8/2017
Title Criollo Back Server
City New Orleans
State LA

The Criollo Back Server is a food and beverage handler.  The individual must have knowledge of the dishes and wines served in the restaurant.  The individual will assist the Front Server as well as the Food Runners with serving food to guests.  The Criollo Back Server must be a strong team player and maintain a positive attitude during stressful situations that may occur.

Essential Functions
To perform the Criollo Back Server position successfully, an individual must be able to perform each essential duties and responsibilities satisfactorily.

Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities
•  Assist Front Server with serving 3 – 4 tables, as determined by management

•  Assist Food Runners with running and serving food

•  Assist Bussers with clearing tables and refreshing water and beverages

•  Maintain specific side-work and ensure total cleanliness and smooth operation of the restaurant

•  Be mindful of time away from station (never more than 2 minutes)

•  Other duties as assigned


To perform the Criollo Back Server position successfully, an individual should demonstrate the following competencies:

 • Customer Service - Manage difficult or emotional customer situations; respond promptly to customer needs; respond to requests for service and assistance; meet commitments

•  Interpersonal - Focus on solving conflict, not blaming; maintain confidentiality; listen to others without interrupting; keep emotions under control; remain open to the ideas of others; try new things

•  Problem Solving – Identify and resolve problems in a timely manner; gather and analyze information skillfully; develop alternative solutions; work well in group problem solving situations; use reason even when dealing with emotional topics

•  Technical Skills - Assess own strengths and weaknesses; pursue training and development opportunities; strive to continuously build knowledge and skills; share expertise with others

•  Oral Comunication - Speak clearly and persuasively in positive or negative situations; listen and get clarification; respond well to questions; demonstrate group presentation skills; participate in meetings

•  Team Work - Balance team and individual responsibilities; exhibit objectivity and openness to the views of others; give and welcome feedback; contribute to building a positive team spirit; put success of team above own interests; ability  to build morale and group commitments to goals and objectives; support team’s efforts to succeed; recognize accomplishments of other team members

•  Written Communication - Write clearly and informatively; edit work for spelling and grammatical errors; vary writing style to meet needs; present numerical data effectively; ability to read and interpret written information

•  Leadership - Exhibit confidence in self and others; inspire and motivate others to perform well; effectively influence actions and opinions of others; inspire respect and trust; accept feedback from others; give appropriate recognition to others

•  Ethics - Treat people with respect; keep commitments; inspire the trust of others; work with integrity and ethically; uphold organizational values

•  Organizational Support - Follow policies and procedures; complete administrative tasks correctly and on time; support organizational goals and values; benefit hotel through outside activities; respect diversity

•  Attendance and Punctuality - Consistently arrive to work on time; ensure work responsibilities are covered when absent; arrive at meetings and appointments on time

•  Dependability - Follow instructions, respond to management direction; take responsibility for own actions; keep commitments; commit to long hours of work when necessary to reach goals; complete tasks on time or notify  appropriate person with an alternate plan

•  Initiative - Volunteer readily; undertake self-development activities; seek increased responsibilities

•  Judgment - Display willingness to make decisions; exhibit sound and accurate judgment; support and explain reasoning for decisions; include appropriate people in decision-making process; make timely decisions

•  Motivation - Set and achieve challenging goals; demonstrate persistence and overcomes obstacles; measure self against standard of excellence; take calculated risks to accomplish goals

•  Planning and Organizing - Prioritize and plan work activities; use time efficiently; plan for additional resources; set goals and objectives; organize or schedule other people and their tasks; develop realistic action plans

•  Professionalism - Approach others in a tactful manner; react well under pressure; treat others with respect and consideration regardless of their status or position; accept responsibility for own actions; follow through on commitments

•  Safety and Security - Observe safety and security procedures; determine appropriate action beyond guidelines; report potentially unsafe conditions; use equipment and materials properly      


The requirements listed below are representative of the knowledge, skills, and abilities required for an individual to successfully perform the duties and responsibility of the Criollo Back Server position:

•  Must possess a valid Louisiana Responsible Vendor Permit or the ability to attend a Responsible Vendor class and pass the test with a score of 90% or better

•  Must possess the ability to sell alcohol and food items

•  Have thorough knowledge of both food and wine menu items as well as knowledge of food preparation

•  Must be able to interact with guests in a fast and friendly manner

•  Treat all guests in a manner to ensure their complete satisfaction; strive to exceed our guests’ expectations

•  Ensure guest is of legal age to consume alcoholic beverages; politely refuse to serve alcoholic beverages to guests who are not of legal age

•  Observe behavior of guests who are consuming alcoholic beverages, count number of drinks served and determine if they are able to drive; offer a taxi to those who appears to be overly intoxicated; if necessary, ask a manager to intervene

•  Adhere to hotel’s appearance standard; report to work in a neat and clean uniform; well-groomed hair and personal hygiene are essential

•  Know your schedule and be punctual

•  Excellent communication skills

•  Multi-task oriented

•  Knowledge of workplace safety procedures

•  Complete knowledge of ABC’s of food and beverage preparation

Physical Demands
•  Must be able to walk or stand 100% of the time 

•  Must be able to reach, bend or lift 100% of the time

•  Must be able to lift at least 25 lbs. and push around 50 lbs

 •  Must safely navigate mulitiple flights of staris

Certifications and Licenses
 •  Of legal age according to State’s regulations to serve alcohol

 •  Possess a valid Louisiana’s Responsible Vendor Permit or

 •  Ability to attend a Responsible Vendor class and pass the test with a score of 90% or better

Computer Skills
 •   Ability to utilize a computer to ring orders, process different types of payments and make change

Position Status and Availability
 •  Available to work a full-time, flexible (AM or PM) shift, Monday - Sunday including holidays

Education and Experience
 •   Possess a high school diploma or general education degree (GED)

•  Have at least two (2) years server experience in an upscale restaurant

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