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Requisition Number 17-0283
Title Asst. Project Manager
City Culver City
State CA
Description Goldrich Kest is a diversified real estate development and management group of companies and partnerships. Its focus is to expand its portfolio of proven and well-located properties including multi-family, industrial, retail, commercial, for-sale and congregate care through acquisition and development while providing stable cash flow to its partners and outside investors.

Job Summary:
Goldrich Kest is currently seeking an Assistant Project Manager to be based at the corporate office in Culver City. The selected individual shall ensure projects are completed safely, on time, within budget and in compliance with approved project documents, jurisdictional and applicable code requirements under the direction of the Project Manager. This includes input on estimates, schedules and quality control during the project pre-construction and construction phase. The Assistant Project Manager shall work the necessary time to fulfill the requirements of project objectives as well as maintain best practices in field operations through general supervision and labor relations to ensure timely completion of projects, quality control and compliance with OSHA standards. The Assistant Project Manager provides necessary support to the project staff.

Essential Functions:
This job description should not be interpreted as all inclusive. It is intended to identify the essential functions and requirements of this position. The incumbent may be requested to perform job-related responsibilities and tasks other than those stated in this job description.

• Participate in the pre-project planning sessions to familiarize with the project requirements.
• Establish or monitor project schedules using Microsoft Project or other Goldrich Kest selected scheduling software.
• Assist and track all permits required by governing jurisdictions.
• Assist the project manager in bidding and buy-out of materials, services and scopes of work on assigned projects.
• Continually be aware of project progress, schedules and requirements for completion and update the schedule with the project manager accordingly.
• Assist with the compliance to and enforcement of the terms and conditions of the prime contract, subcontracts, and purchase orders.
• Assist with job pre-start activities such as field office set-up mobilization efforts.
• Read and interpret plans, specifications and contract documents and consult with the project manager, architect and engineer on design problems or change orders.
• Process and track all RFI’s, Submittals, and related consultant review and responses including preparing and maintaining project logs.
• Maintain a close working relationship with the project manager to ensure proper coordination of responsibilities for the project.
• Work within limits of the contract, both owner and general contractor, to avoid back charges and unrecoverable costs. Do not make any changes without written authority from the project manager.
• Major equipment repairs, vandalism, theft, employee injuries, employer-employee relations problems should immediately be brought to the attention of the project manager.
• Maintain As-Built record drawings in the office posted up-to-date daily.
• Make weekly job progress photos per company policy.
• Determine and recommend changes in methods, schedules, procedures and improvements on the project for approval by the project manager.
• Ensure that any company safety policies are fully enforced at all times on the project. Report any equipment or procedures that may be unsafe. Report all accidents to the project manager immediately.
• Coordinate with the project manager to ensure project is properly manned to meet schedules and budgets.
• Ensure applications for payment are promptly and properly submitted, payments properly received, and funds properly dispersed.
• Assist in the review and processing of subcontractor change order requests.
• Ensure that material is delivered to the construction site per established agreements and as scheduled.
• Walk the project site on a daily routine to review problems, progress to schedule, subcontractor's performance, compliance with plans and specifications and the quality of work being performed.
• Assist in the inspection of and turnover of finish product to the Property Management representative.
• Provide follow-up and assist with the completion of punch lists, the investigations of problems during the guarantee period, and other items periodically required to the service the completed project.
• Ensure that all testing required is properly conducted and that testing results are properly recorded.
• Provide general supervision to direct quality control standards and supervise their implementation.
• Upon surfacing of deficient or non-conforming work, immediately notify the responsible party and the project manager. Notify subcontractor in writing of the correction to be made so that he will be in conformance with the contract.
• Follow-up to be certain the correction is made in a timely manner and notify the project manager of difficulty.
• Supplement or dismiss, according to the subcontract terms, any subcontractor not performing to predetermined schedules or plans and specifications and refusing to correct in a timely manner. Inform the project manager of any intended suspension. All corrective action must be approved by the project manager and Director of Construction and Operations prior to implementation.
• The Assistant Project Manager shall utilize all approved shop drawings and submittals during the construction process.
• Assist with the method of control for quantity and quality on all incoming material shipments.
• Assist with the method of disbursement of material to our personnel and our subcontractors to minimize damage, waste and theft.
• Ensure that all stored material reasonably secure at all times
• Ensure that material purchased for project as it arrives at jobsite will not exceed purchase order. Weekly check of this inventory will assure control and availability of material when needed.
• Develop and maintain strong working relationships with architects, engineers, building officials, general contractor and suppliers.
• Attend regularly scheduled meetings such as staff meetings, OAC, and meetings with office personnel assigned to the project.
• Also involves scheduling and job cost control duties
Requirements Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

• Ability to manage multiple project schedules and ensure timely completion.
• Ability to negotiate contracts, meet deadlines and goals, and maintain confidentiality
• Technical knowledge and experience in given field of inspection work.
• Knowledge of organizational policies and procedures. Ability to apply policies and procedures to solve everyday issues.
• Ability to create, compose and edit written materials. Ability to communicate clearly with Owners, Senior Management, co-workers, and vendors.
• Must be organized, dependable, cooperative, and be able to multitask.
• Ability to exercise initiative and problem-solving skills.
• Proficient in computers and software applications such as Microsoft Office Applications

Minimum Qualifications Required:
• Bachelor’s Degree in Construction Management or related field preferred
• Minimum of 3-5 plus years of construction experience in multi-family, office building, real-estate, construction/renovation, capital improvement experience
• Bilingual preferred
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